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How to choose a hole punch

A carefully chosen punch should give you long service. So here we give you some further information to help you choose your hole punch or perforator wisely.

Hole punch sizing.

Standard hole punches come with 80mm spacing between the holes, and the hole size is 6mm in diameter.

Two hole punches

Two hole punches (2 hole) are normally supplied with a paper guide that enables you to set the punch for easy repeated punching of paper of a pre-set size. The guides will usually have set positions for the standard paer sizes A4, A5,A6, American Quarto, and foolscap. Additionally you can set the guide to a custom position between the extremes of the standard set sizes.

Four hole punches & adjustable punches

Four hole punches (4 hole) come with varying amounts of adjustment depending on the punch. Standard 4 hole ring binders will be accomodated by all 4 hole punches. However it is also possible with some punches to vary the number of holes punched and the sapcing of those holes.

For example the Rexel 420 adjustable punch will allow US three hole punching, Swedish four hole spacing, and can even become a six hole (6 hole) diary punch and organiser punch by adding additional punch heads and adjusting the spacing.

So when you consider your choice of hole punch, don't just consider main use, think how else you may need to punch documents in the office. It may work out cheaper in the long run to buy an adjustable 4 hole punch that can be used for a variety of tasks, rather than buying a less versatile punch and then having to buy a different type of punch for a different job later!

Heavy duty vs Light and medium duty hole punches.

The other main factor to be considered is how heavy duty the punch will need to be. This can be answered by considering two factors.

1 How many sheets of paper need to be punched at once (or how thick the document or card is)

2. How frequently will the punch be used.

It may seem obvious but if you want to punch thick documents you need a strong punch. If you use a lightweight for a heavy job the punch will fail! Quite often they will bend - putting the punch out of alignment and headed for the bin!

Also you will find the the strain on the user is unacceptable too. The force required to push the handle will cause strain and maybe pain.

So use a heavy duty punch for thick documents it will save operator strain and damaged punches. A heavy duty punch will not only be built to be more robust, but will provide greater leverage to the user.

In the shop section each punch has a specified "sheet capacity". This is the maximum number of sheets that should be punched at once. We would suggest that you select a punch so that you are not always working at the maximum because you will find it much easier to work well withing the machines specification (less pushing force required), and the life expectancy of the punch will be greater.

Product Life and Warranties.

Each punch, if used carefully and within its design limits should give years of service. If you do a lot of punching then perhaps you should buy a decent punch and go for one with replaceable parts.

Our punches usually carry a manufacturers warranty of several years - take a look at the detail in the product descriptions for more details.

Other hole punch features to consider.

Storage and portability.

If you need to carry your punch arround then choose one to suit, and consider buying one that "locks Down" the handle - it will take less space in your bag. The same applies when thinking about storage.

Electric hole punches.

Electric punches are also available and can take the effort out of occasional punching, but are not generally available for heavy use.

Style, colour, and appearance.

Style and appearance. In addition to the functionality you may want to choose the colour and appearance of your hole punches to match your other desktop accessories e.g your stapler.

Hope you found this hole punch guide useful.

If you need any further help - please just ask us we are here to help.

Happy punching!


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Our hole punch Guide.

A simple guide to help you make the right choice!

Choosing a hole punch that is not suited to the job is a false economy.

For example using a light or medium duty punch on thick documents could soon cause the punch to fail.

So take a look at our guide before making you final choice. A well chosen punch should last for several years if chosen wisely and well maintained.